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Sunday, April 5, 2020


Get your LeadsLeap affiliate links on this page and find out ways to promote them.  FAQs About Promoting Your Affiliate Links
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My Affiliate Links
Below are the affiliate links you can use:
Homepage: (Preview)
Social Reviews On LeadsLeap: (Preview)
Giveaway - Rebranded 'One Signup A Day" report: (Preview)
Free Link Tracking Service: (Preview)
Free List Management System - SendSteed:(Preview)
Free Opt-in Generator - PopupXpert: (Preview)
Advanced tracking tip
You can add a tracking source to identify the traffic source. This is done by adding &s=YYY at the end of your affiliate links, for example, Otherwise, the source will be based on the referral URL. If you use our Link Tracker for tracking, the tracking source will be based on the referral URL or the custom source in that tracker.
How to tell if your affiliate link works
Some members ask why they do not see ?r=lnsukhwal in the browser's url bar. There is no need to.
LeadsLeap saves your affiliate id to your referral's browser. This means as long as they have clicked your affiliate link, you will be their sponsor no matter where they have navigated.
You can do the following test to see if your affiliate link works:
First, go to Scroll down to the bottom of the leadsleap homepage. You will see "Recommended by admin". This means your browser is now reset with the 'admin' being your sponsor. Next, click any of your affiliate links above, then go to Scroll down to the bottom of our homepage again. You should see "Recommended by [your_username]".
How To Promote?
The way to promote your affiliate link depends on what resources you have.
I have a list.
I have a blog.
I am active in internet marketing forums.
I am active in traffic exchange networks.
I have nothing.
Swipe Emails
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