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Sunday, March 8, 2020


5 great reasons to use Traffic Ad Bar

Hits from our members

Add your websites to your account and our members will look at them.
Hits from other traffic exchanges

We list our ads on other traffic exchanges so not only do our members see your websites but so do the members of other exchanges!
On other websites
List your ads and we'll put your ads on other websites just like you see ads on Google or Facebook!
Earn money

Use the tools that we give you to automatically refer members to Traffic Ad bar and when they upgrade we'll pay you a commission.
Daily Email Links Automated advertising!
Work your way up the level ladder and receive hits to your websites through our daily email links.
Your number one goal is to earn points to move up the level ladder. The level ladder is your key to automated advertising.
Each of your websites is listed separately on the level ladder. The higher each of your websites are on the level ladder, the more hits you will receive.
If you have a website on level 10 and above, we will send out 1,022 links every 3 days, level 9, 510 links and so on.

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