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Sunday, March 8, 2020


CashJuice Leagues!

One of the great features of CashJuice is the "CashJuice Leagues". The CashJuice leagues is a simple way to find out who the most successful people are on CashJuice.

One of the problems with the internet is finding the truth. Anyone can pretend to be who they want to be and anyone can create a company website that appears to show a successful thriving business, but may in fact just be a single person in their bedroom creating a great webpage.

CashJuice leagues are designed to break through that barrier and highlight the people who are successful on CashJuice.

We rank members on 3 simple things on the leagues.

Referral hits (How many hits they've generated to their referral link)

Referrals (How many new signups they have generated)

Followers (How many people are following them)

Time Periods

When you first click on the leagues link you'll see the all time league. You'll see the option at the top of the league to see all time (Total), this month as well as last month.

Rank Each Column

You can also rank each column. If you want to find the most successful person to refer members click on the heading "Referrals" and you'll see the league ranked by referrals.

Find Out More

If you want to find out more about a member, click on their profile image and it will take you to their profile page.

Promote Yourself

Make sure you keep your profile up to date. Share tips, your affiliate links, your websites and general information to encourage people to follow you when they view your profile.

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